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Seznamte se s LOAP - jedním z předních výrobců sportovního oblečení v České republice. Poznejte funkční vybavení pro sport, turistiku i volný čas. LOAP je garancí kvalitních produktů založených na nejmodernějších technologiích a nadčasovém designu.

Zákazníci si mohou vybrat z široké nabídky pánských, dámských i dětských produktů s vysokou kvalitou zpracování. Kromě outdoorového a sportovního oblečení a obuvi se LOAP specializuje i na výrobu technologicky propracovaných batohů různých velikostí a litráží, spacích pytlů a stanů. LOAP klade důraz na kvalitní materiály a funkční doplňky, díky nimž vzniká propracovaný výrobek s moderním střihem a prakticky využitelnými detaily. Sleduje nové módní trendy a každý rok přichází s novou zimní i letní kolekcí, obsahující módní i technologické novinky v oblasti outdoor. Oblečení i obuv pro outdoor, volný čas i extrémní využití odpovídá svému účelu v každé situaci. Značku LOAP můžete najít v prodejnách sportovního vybavení po celé České republice i za jejími hranicemi – Slovensko, Velká Británie, Rusko, Lotyšsko, Estonsko a další.

Winter gear and equipment for snow sports

Many people love the cold season due to the exciting sports they can practice on snow. With plenty of hi-tech devices these days that keep them trapped in the concrete jungle of the cities, there is no wonder that more and more individuals look for outdoor activities. From snowboard to ski, everyone can challenge their skills and have an incredible adventure in the most beautiful surroundings. Browse through the wide selection of sports equipment and stay safe while you play.

Winter sports require high-performance gear that can protect you from serious injuries. Choose between the numerous top products available at Limit Sport and you will not be disappointed. The garments and footwear are made out of quality fabrics that can keep you warm during the negative temperatures and offer you safety so that you can head to the slopes without worries. Discover the ultimate trends in sportswear and pick your favorite outfit for the weekend getaway.

Given the extreme physical activity these sports require, it is highly important that you pick your ensemble from a reliable manufacturer that combines the latest technology with the comfort of the designs. If you go on a family holiday in the middle of the mountains for some snowboard circuits, make sure you pack your waterproof jackets, pants and boots and take joy in the thrills of adventure that you will not feel even on.

From men to women and children, it is essential that every member of your family is properly taken care of. Take advantage of the large collection of outdoor clothing and accessories in various sizes that will make you enjoy more your athletic pursuits. Whether you search for sweatshirts, sweaters or pants, select the ones that give you freedom of movement, are cozy and look nice. Do not forget about gloves, neckwear or caps for the best experience in the snow.

Leave it to Limit Sport to provide you with coats that feature lightweight materials and a breathable membrane which will guard your body against the severe weather conditions. Let the casual ski jackets and vests grant you thermal protection whenever you are outside on the ski slopes and appreciate their attractive layout which makes them perfect for everyday wear as well. With a variety of models available, there is no doubt that everyone will find something that suits their taste.

If you look for some excellent snow boots for your dog sleighing rides with your friends, or for alpine skiing, buy those that maintain your feet warm and dry throughout your journey. In case alpinism on the high peaks is your hobby, make certain you prepare yourself for every possibility and carry with you an adequate backpack that can be easily used, quality sleeping bags and water resistant tents for those freezing nights into the wild.

The sports equipment is indispensable for every person no matter what type of winter activities they do. Make safety your number one priority and always seek the gear that is suitable for your needs. You can mix different kinds of fibers and styles for a wonderful outfit that is both fashionable and good for your health. Explore different places and around the world with your loved ones and have fun in your finest winter gear!

  • KANGO 35 - LOAP trekkingový batoh

    Hmotnost: 1180 g, Objem: 35 l

    Cena: 1 099 Kč
    Získejte za:
    1 169
  • MIWOK green/black - LOAP batoh pro turistiku

    Hmotnost: 2350 g, Objem: 50 + 10 l

    Cena: 1 799 Kč
    Získejte za:
    1 619
  • BONNIE black/cloude dancer - LOAP dámská sportovní taška

    Hmotnost: 970 g, Objem: 28 l

    Cena: 990 Kč
    Získejte za:
  • GLACIER Víceúčelové boty s membránou LOAP

    Velikosti: 42 - 46

    Skladem 44, 45, 43
    Cena: 1 099 Kč
    Získejte za: